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Our firm provides comprehensive legal services to both corporate (legal and natural persons)and individual clients. Our practise covers criminal, civil, business, administrative, family (including divorces and separations) and labour law.

comprehensive legal services both to corporate


We offer legal advice on the pursuit of civil claims before the courts, including cases in labour, succession and social security law.

We render the following forms of legal assistance:

– Offering legal advice and information;

– preparing legal opinions;

– conducting negotiations in order to settle disputes at the pre-litigation stage;

– legal representation before the courts.

Our legal adviser specializing in civil claims and rights is Kinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek.


We specialize in tortious interference claims for compensation, claims under agreements, and related legal issues including medical malpractice claims.

Our legal adviser specializing in civil claims and rights is Kinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek.


We provide advice for the following branches of family law:

– divorce;

– separation;

– division of property;

– parental rights (for example establishing custody, paternity or denial of paternity);

– adoption;

– application for contact with children;

– alimony;

– request for plenary or partial guardianship.

Our barrister specializing in family law is Kinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek.


The range of services for corporate clients and other financial entities includes legal assistance in setting up, registering, joining and transforming financial entities. We conduct registry procedures for commercial law companies and other economic operators in the National Court Register, which also includes help in choosing the right form of business activity, consultations on preparing both the articles of association and any legal documentation required for the due events to be registered in the National Court Register.

We also offer permanent legal support for companies, including: preparing drafts of the minutes from meetings of the board and general meetings of the shareholders; preparing draft resolutions, management and supervision of the board’s reports and byelaws etc.

Our specialist in corporate law and company legal services is Kinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek.


We offer our business and individual Clients legal advice within the branches of business, commercial, tax and financial law, as well as in the matters of civil law.

We render both permanent legal services and one-time orders for particular cases.

Our comprehensive legal support includes:

– Offering opinions and advice on particular cases;

– Ad-hoc consultations and advice on the raised legal issues and problems;

– monitoring the applicable provisions of law;

– preparing documents, contracts and internal legislative acts taking into consideration the specificity of the contractor;

– taking part in negotiations and mediations;

– debt recovery.

Our specialist in corporate law and rendering legal services for companies is Kinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek.


Our law firm offers the following services:

– representing clients in administrative and tax proceedings;

– representing clients in proceedings before the Regional and the Supreme Administrative Court;

– providing legal advice in matters of the construction law, including cases concerning development conditions, local spatial development plans, construction supervision etc.;

– representing clients in enforcement proceedings in administration;

– giving consultations on matters of real estate management.

Our specialist in pursuing rights and claims through administrative channels is Bartosz Sawicki.


Our firm also specializes in conducting cases on expropriation and recovery of expropriated property. We specialize in:

– establishing the legal status of property;

– regulating the rights to property as well as establishing and pursuing claims for expropriated property;

– representing clients before local and central administrative bodies as well as before the Regional and the Supreme Administrative Court;

– representing clients in negotiations concerning the disposal of recovered property.

Matters related to expropriation proceedings are the specialty of our legal adviser Kinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek.


In the sphere of criminal law our firm offers comprehensive legal services to both victims and suspects or accused. We offer our help from the moment of arrest or the execution of a motion for temporary custody, and we represent our clients throughout the course of both preliminary and legal proceedings.

Our specialist in rendering legal aid in criminal law is Bartosz Sawicki.