A legal adviser – Kinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek

Kinga Pietraszewska-MielczarekKinga Pietraszewska-Mielczarek – Legal adviser, graduate of Law and Administration Department of Gdańsk University. Ms Pietraszewska-Mielczarek was a full-time trainee judge of the region subject to the Appeal Court in Gdańsk from 2004-2007. In 2008 she passed the judicial exam and became a judge’s assistant in the District Court of Gdańsk. She is enrolled on the list of legal advisers (number 1910) in the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk. Ms Pietraszewska-Mielczarek specialises in civil law (succession and family law), labour and social insurance law, and administrative law. She conducts thorough research and finds positive solutions for her clients. Ms Pietraszewska-Mielczarek is fluent in English, and has a diploma in British and European law obtained under the auspices of Cambridge University. She is married with two children, and enjoys running and spinning. www.radca-gdansk.pl